One More Night - Part Two

If you stopped at "Rhino Skin," you might take it as advice. You might think Tom is saying hardening up is the way through life’s problems. But in the next song, Tom sings,

“Someone better hurry, I’m all alone [...]
No one ever taught me to be on my own, 
and I keep breaking down,
breaking down, you know?”

The fault in being hard is becoming brittle. 

This is the beauty in the sequence. “Rhino Skin” and “One More Night,” are two sides of the heart in conflict with itself. The protective reflex of the heart is to grow hard and not let anyone in. The walls meant to keep the hurt out ultimately hold your hurt in. Either way the pain does its damage. 

You push people away, but you need them closer. You try to avoid pain and end up hurting yourself.

“One more night,
God I’ve had to fight
to keep my line of sight
on what’s real.”

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